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To give, is to be a health professional. Nurses and doctors work long and erratic hours, trying conditions, and often unpleasant situations.

supports health professionals, to manage this chaotic life.

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The AtholTech Solution

Healthcare organisations are being asked to do more with less whilst health cost expenditure rises. The population is ageing, the number of taxpayers is shrinking, and obesity is on the rise with more people having chronic diseases for longer periods.

These pressures and costs are continuing to build. With the healthcare workforce feeling the brunt of these demands, burnout is having a devastating effect on this community and the wider public. Healthcare as we know it is under stress and if we don't act now, the damage maybe irreversible.

Addressing these concerns is at the core of AtholTech.
Improving the well-being of health care employees to improve patient health outcomes.
This is what we are about at AtholTech. Helping health professionals to thrive at work and home. Supporting those that care for you. To deliver health care services we need now and into the future.

Athol Hann
Founder AtholTech

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