We're AtholTech, a Digital Health Technology company, shooting for the stars and reaching for a brighter med-tech future. With innovation at our core, our mission is to create technology to drive positive health care decisions.

At the heart of AtholTech is over 10 years of health care experience in numerous acute and sub-acute settings.
AtholTech is a Digital Heath Technology company with a purpose. AtholTech's mission is to help health care providers feel more connected to the decisions they make every day. Through engagement and empowerment, AtholTech provides the digital medium to promote positive treatment behaviours and improve the delivery of care through evidence.

Our solutions are built to address ongoing high-level medical costs such as medical errors and inappropriate treatments in the acute health care setting. AtholTech develops solutions to challenge thought processes with evidenced based information. Creating alternative health care approaches to optimise finite resources and ultimately improve the way acute hospital services are delivered.

Challenging the way medical professionals think and decide on treatments.

Athol Hann
Founder AtholTech

The AtholTech Solution

Healthcare organisations are being asked to do more with less whilst health cost expenditure rises. The population is ageing, the number of taxpayers is shrinking, and obesity is on the rise with more people having chronic diseases for longer periods. To continue providing high quality health care services, organisations need to think broadly and creatively to remain financially viable and productive.  

Addressing these concerns is at the core of AtholTech. We are striving to provide leading solutions to these problems and make a real difference to the practices of medical professionals. To ultimately provide evidenced based, cost effective and holistic health care to the community. One of our products, NerveCentre, drives this ambition, find out more below.

Built on a platform of experience.

Introducing NerveCentre

being the flagship concept. NerveCentre is a 3 stage digital platform that engages and inspires clinical staff in making evidenced based decisions.

Through daily interaction, NerveCentre challenges clinicians to think critically and broadly when choosing treatment outcomes. Engaging analytical and creative thought processes to make informed patient decisions.

This is then supported by succinct and relevant evidence through locally developed online resources.

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